Competition Model

MATE International ROV Competition

The Mission: The Marine Advanced Technology Education Center (MATE) and the Marine Technology Society (MTS) organize a student remotely operated vehicle (ROV) design and building competition. Teams design and build ROV’s to perform tasks based on the marine technical workplace including submittal and presentation of technical papers.


CanSat Competition

The Mission: The CanSat Competition is designed to reflect on a small scale a typical aerospace program. The competition includes all aspects of an aerospace program from the preliminary design review to post mission review. During descent, the CANSAT shall collect and telemeter GPS and other related data. Additionally, the CANSAT must accommodate a large raw hen’s egg for the entire duration from launch to landing which necessitates the designing of a novel descent control system without the use of a parachute, para-foil or any similar device. Students are tasked with designing, building, and the subsequent testing of a fully operational device that will emulate a space probe gathering an array of data. There are strict physical limitations to the design volume of the CANSAT, usually confined to fitting inside of a standard 350 ml soda can.
Results: In 2013, the KapCC STEM Program Undergraduate CanSat Team took 1st place. In a field that consisted mainly of four-year universities and aeronautical institutes, the STEM Program team was only one of two community colleges competing.