Fall 2017 Student Undergraduate Research Fair

“Kapiʻolani Community College STEM Program invites you to S.U.R.F with us at the Student Undergraduate Research Fair (S.U.R.F) on Wednesday, December 6th & Thursday, December 7th, at `Ōhi`a Cafeteria from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

This two-day event is a showcase of the undergraduate research projects of our very own Kapiʻolani Community College students. Join us for a diverse display of research, presented by KapCC students from the following disciplines and programs: STEM, Communications, English, Health Sciences, Economics and Project ʻOlonā.

For more information please contact, Keo Eaton at ksleaton@hawaii.edu (808)-734-9262 or Li-Anne Delavega at ldelaveg@hawaii.edu (808)-734-9440. See you there!”


STEM Expo – Tuesday, November 7th 9:30a-12:30p


Prep your resumes for the 8th Annual STEM Expo Opportunity Event on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017. The Expo aims to connect KapCC students with employment, transfer, internship and scholarship opportunities in the STEM disciplines.

This years vendor list include:

  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • R.M. Towill
  • Clinical Labs of Hawaii
  • Department of Land and Natural Resources
  • Purple Mai’a Foundation
  • Hawaii Air National Guard
  • Kupu
  • State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture
  • Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
  • SOEST Maile Mentoring Program
  • Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science (PIPES)
  • and much more!

For more information about the 8th Annual STEM Expo, visit our event site at: https://kapccstem.wixsite.com/2017stemexpo= or contact Keōmai Eaton at ksleaton@hawaii.edu (808) 734-9262 or Li-Anne Delavega at  ldelaveg@hawaii.edu (808) 734-9440.


Study with A Buddy – Monday 10/30/17

Stay just a little bit longer…

The STEM Center is hosting the third opportunity for students to “Study with A Buddy”, a collaborative event offering extended peer mentoring, food, coffee and other study services.

This event, sponsored by Kapi’olani Community College Student Government, is a collaborative event offering the services of peer mentors from the StudyHub and the STEM Program. Come study with us at the STEM Center on Monday, Oct. 30th from 6:30p-9:00p!

Hunting for Dark Matter Lecture

By: Dr Jelena Maricic, Professor of Physics at UH
The more we learn about our Universe, the more we realize how much more there is to find out. A number of various indirect measurement show that in addition to the visible matter in the universe, there is 5 times more of the invisible matter called dark matter. But besides its general features inferred from astronomical observation, almost nothing is know about its nature. What we are missing is a direct detection of dark matter particles to better understand properties of these mysterious particles such as their mass and interaction probability. One of the leading experiments designed to directly detect dark matter by measuring recoils of atomic nuclei is DarkSide experiment. In my talk, I will tell you more about motivation for dark matter search, current status and prospects.