Peer Mentor Sign-In

To all Kapi’olani Community College STEM Program Peer Mentors,

In order to better track your hard hours of peer mentoring, the number of students you have assisted, and the specific topics you touched upon, we have implemented a Peer Mentor Sign-In. Please click on the link below to access the online sign-in form.

Please keep in mind you will need to sign-in with your UH System username and password after clicking on the link. If it says that “You need permission” after you click the link, please do not request access. Instead, click “Switch accounts” and then sign-in with your UH info. In most cases, the “You need permission” page only comes up when you are signed-in using a non-UH System gmail account. Switch to your UH account and you should be able to sign-in without any further issues.

Please sign-in after every one of your peer mentoring sessions. This system will allow you to get full credit for your hard work and will help the STEM Program to continue improving our peer mentoring system. By tracking how many hours you have worked and how many students you have helped, we can adjust accordingly for next semester’s peer mentors.

Thank you very much.

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