STEM Students

This portion of the official STEM Program website is dedicated solely to students. In this section, you can find information on:

  • Peer Led Unit Study (PLUS) Sessions – These sessions, which are similar to tutoring but are focused on one specific course, are provided for a wide array of courses. Visit the “PLUS Sessions” page for schedules and more information.
  • Peer Mentors – The peer mentors can provide assistance in a number of areas. Peer mentors can provide general tutoring type services in their area of expertise. In addition, they can also provide recommendations and suggestions in terms of what courses you should take, which professors they recommend, etc. Please visit the “Peer Mentors” page for schedules and more information.
  • Student Forms – This page contains several important forms that students may be asked to fill-out during their time with the STEM Program. If you are asked to fill-out of form but do not know where to get it, check the “Student Forms” page first, as it is most likely available for download here.
  • Scholarships – Check this page to view STEM related scholarships that are currently available.
  • Internships – Check this page to view STEM related internships that are currently available.