When running any type of program, it is necessary to collect and analyze feedback. While quantitative data such as GPA’s and enrollment figures are helpful, they do not tell the whole story. The Kapi‘olani Community College STEM Program has received a great deal of positive feedback since its inception in 2005. Some of the most meaningful testimonials have come from former STEM students and Associates in Science in Natural Science Degree graduates. Having gone through the program themselves and having lived through the various changes that have occurred over the years, we take the feedback we receive from alumni very seriously. Below are some of the comments that former STEM students have made in regards to the STEM Program.

“After switching majors and campuses, I was so apprehensive because I knew I was falling behind in school. The KCC STEM program helped me set my priorities straight and made me comfortable in the career path I am in. My professors and peers challenged me to think analytically and logically with the course work assigned and, at the same time, they gave me useful advice on going forward with my career (Thank you to Dr. Maria Bautista, Herve Collins, and Auntie Keolani!). The facility provided me with a place where I could study for long hours and resources that were readily available. The ASNS degree curriculum helped me a lot in deciding what classes I should take at the community college level before transferring to the engineering school at UH Manoa. My two years at the KCC STEM Center were great and I recommend any new students pursuing an engineering degree to start there.”

-Edileo Valdez Alcalde (Former STEM student, ASNS degree Physical Science graduate Currently majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa)

“I love KCC STEM…KCC STEM is the reason I am here.” 

-Nari Okui (Former STEM student, possesses an AA in Liberal Arts, an AS in Natural Science with concentration in Life Science, and a BA in Biology. Also the former STEM Undergraduate Research Coordinator at Kapi‘olani Community College.)

“Excellent STEM Program!!! It’s not perfect, but what makes it excellent is that it is always improving. Great Job!” 

-Leon Santinizio (Former STEM student, ASNS degree Physical Science graduate. Currently a full-time student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.)

“I really love the nice study environment at the KCC STEM Center and I am highly appreciative of the nice, friendly, patient and knowledgeable mentors, such as Wendy Kuntz and Herve Collin…hopefully I will visit the KCC STEM Program again someday.” 

-Wenmei Li (Former STEM student, ASNS degree Physical Science graduate, BA in Architecture Design. Currently a full-time student majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa)

“The STEM program at KCC definitely helped me to get where I am today. Now that I am working on my major at UH (Mechanical Engineering), I miss having such a great program to support me!”

-Elizabeth Ann Gregg (Former STEM student, ASNS degree Physical Science graduate
Currently in the research program for undergraduates at UH Manoa in Computational Fluid Dynamics.)

 “I LOVE KCC STEM! I owe a lot of my success to KCC STEM. If it wasn’t for the collaborative support and guidance from mentors, faculty, and fellow STEM students, I probably wouldn’t have survived college and would have dropped out. They have taught me the necessary tools needed to excel as a student.”

-Heather Kehaunani Manoi (Former STEM student, possesses an AS in Natural Science and an Associates in Liberal Arts. Currently a Laboratory Research Assistant at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology)